10 Sexy New Lil Kim Bikini Pics

Lil Kim Bikini

Rapper Lil Kim has recently taken the internet by storm with her latest bikini photos. The Grammy-award winning artist is known for pushing boundaries and celebrating her body through fashion, but this time she’s gone above and beyond to flaunt her curves in a handful of stunning swimwear looks. From vibrant colors to animal print designs, it’s clear that this hip hop icon knows how to rock a beach look! In this article we take an exclusive peek at some of Lilly Kim’s sultry summer styles as well as explore what message she is sending with these daring new looks.

Lil Kim Bikini Pics

About Lil Kim

Lil Kim is a Grammy Award-winning rap icon who’s been topping the charts with her platinum albums for years. In 2019, she became an executive producer and star of VH1’s Girls Cruise. Before becoming famous, Lil Kim dropped out of Brooklyn College Academy to take a job as a clerk at Bloomingdales. Her freestyle skills caught the attention of The Notorious B.I.G., and the rest was history! She had an on-off relationship with Biggie before he passed away, and they share one daughter together—Royal Reign. One of her most popular songs, Lady Marmalade, also featured big stars like Missy Elliot and Christina Aguilera.