10 Sexy Kristine Leahy Bikini Pics

Kristine Leahy Bikini

Kristine Leahy is an accomplished TV show host and model who also happens to be a major fashionista. She recently posted some glamorous bikini photos that had her followers in awe. With her stunning beauty, effortless style, and confidence, Kristine Leahy continues to set the bar high for female celebrities everywhere. In this article we’ll take a closer look at those latest bikini photos and admire the beauty of this incredible woman.

Kristine Leahy Bikini Pics

About Kristine Leahy

Kristine Leahy is a TV host and sportscaster known for hosting American Ninja Warrior. She used to work for CBS Sports Network, plus she covered sports in Los Angeles. After graduating from Boston University, where she founded a sports talk show for the college’s television station, she got a job at WEEI in Boston. In 2013, Kristine made history as the first woman in California to call a horse race – pretty impressive! Growing up in Chicago during the Michael Jordan era influenced her love of sports too. And when Jenn Brown left American Ninja Warrior, Kristine stepped up to take her place and hasn’t looked back since!