8 Sexy Kristi Noem Bikini Pics

Kristi Noem Bikini

It’s no secret that politician Kristi Noem has been making headlines lately. From her successful political career to her daring fashion statements, she is always in the public eye. Now, Noem has made headlines again for her latest bikini photos, which have sent social media into a frenzy. The photos show Noem looking fit and confident as she poses in a variety of swimwear styles. Read on to learn more about Kristi Noem’s latest bikini photo shoot and what it means for her political career.

Kristi Noem Bikini Pics

About Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem is the 33rd governor of South Dakota. She’s a Republican and an avid supporter of Donald Trump. Growing up, she was raised on her family’s ranch and went on to receive a BA in political science from South Dakota State University. Prior to being governor, Noem held roles in the state House of Representatives and US House of Representatives. On top of her career successes, Kristi has quite the family life – she married Bryon at age 20 and had three children: Booker, Kassidy, and Kennedy (plus their dog Hazel!). Her Instagram page often features other Republican politicians like John Thune.