9 Hot Sexy New Krista Marie Yu Bikini Pics

Krista Marie Yu Bikini

Krista Marie Yu is taking the world by storm! The TV actress is known for her role as Mindy Chen in “Fresh Off The Boat” and has recently been seen enjoying some fun in the sun with her latest bikini photos. Showing off her toned physique, Krista looks amazing and appears to be having a great time. In this article, we will take a look at Krista Marie Yu’s newest bikini photos and discuss what they signify about her lifestyle. From how she maintains her beach-ready body through diet and exercise to how she makes time for rest and relaxation, it’s all here!

Krista Marie Yu Bikini Pics

About Krista Marie Yu

Krista Marie Yu is an Asian-American actress best known for playing Molly on ABC’s Dr. Ken. She previously made guest appearances on shows like The Thundermans, Agent Carter, Switched at Birth, The Middle and Cougar Town. She’s also had roles in films like The Darkness and Love the Coopers. Growing up, Krista was a figure skater with hopes of becoming an Olympic athlete – she even performed with a song-and-dance troupe called Showbiz! After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University’s acting program, she landed the role of Ken Jeong’s daughter on Dr. Ken and has been part of the show ever since. Besides her career as an actress, she also has a younger brother.