8 Hot New Kimie Tsukakoshi Bikini Pics

Kimie Tsukakoshi Bikini

Kimie Tsukakoshi, the award-winning Japanese actress, is once again making headlines with her latest bikini photos. The sultry shots of the star have been trending all over social media and have caught the attention of fans across the globe. From her luxurious vacations to modeling her designer swimwear, Kimie has become quite a fashionista in recent years. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Kimie’s most stunning bikini looks and discuss why she continues to inspire people around the world with her enviable style.

Kimie Tsukakoshi Bikini Pics

About Kimie Tsukakoshi

Kimie Tsukakoshi is best known for her roles as Kyra in The Bureau of Magical Things, and Heidi Thomson in The Family Law. She’s also been featured in an episode of H2O: Just Add Water. Growing up she trained in ballet jazz and contemporary dance, and later studied musical theater. Kimie has a diverse background – her mother is Singapore-Chinese, while her father is Japanese. Most recently she starred opposite Mia Milnes on the show The Bureau of Magical Things.