10 Hot Sexy New Kim Novak Bikini Pics

Kim Novak Bikini

Kim Novak is an iconic and timeless actress from the golden age of Hollywood. Now, at 85 years old, she has been photographed in a bikini for the first time — showing off her stunning figure even at her advanced age. In this article, we will discuss Kim Novak’s recent bikini photo shoot and examine how she manages to maintain such an enviably fit physique into her 80s. We will also explore the public reaction to these photos and what they mean for mature women everywhere who aspire to stay physically active regardless of their age.

Kim Novak Bikini Pics

About Kim Novak

Kim Novak is a Hollywood icon known for her starring role in Alfred Hitchcocks classic 1958 movie Vertigo. She starred in lots of other flicks, such as The Man with the Golden Arm and The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders. Before making it big in acting, Kim worked as a dental assistant, sales clerk, and even an elevator operator! Her performance in Picnic (1955) earned her a Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. She married Dr. Robert Malloy in 1976. And don’t forget – she stars opposite James Stewart in both Vertigo and Bell Book and Candle (both from 1958).