8 Stunning New Kim Holderness Bikini Pics

Kim Holderness Bikini

Kim Holderness, popular YouTube star and lifestyle guru, recently shared some stunning bikini photos on her social media accounts. As an advocate for body positivity, Kim’s latest photo shoot is a testament to her self-love and confidence. Fans of the star have been eagerly awaiting these new snaps and can’t contain their excitement over the beautiful images. In this article, we’ll take a look at Kim’s empowering message behind these gorgeous shots and what inspired them.

Kim Holderness Bikini Pics

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About Kim Holderness

Kim Holderness is a wife, business partner and mother to two children. She’s married to Penn Holderness, the YouTube phenomenon and owner of Greenroom Communications. Before starting her own family business, Kim used to be a news reporter for Inside Edition in New York. Together with her family she appears on the popular YouTube channel The Holderness Family where they even have their own musical parody of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’, called ‘Baby Got Class’.