9 Hot New Kim Delaney Bikini Pics

Kim Delaney Bikini

Kim Delaney is the latest Hollywood star to take social media by storm! The TV actress recently posted some stunning bikini photos that have sparked a huge reaction from fans. From her beachside shoot, it’s clear that Kim has been keeping up with her fitness regime and looks as incredible as ever. In this article, we’ll explore Kim’s new photos and find out what her fans have to say about them.

Kim Delaney Bikini Pics

About Kim Delaney

KD is an Emmy-winning actress famous for her roles as Det. Diane Russell in NYPD Blue and CSI: Miami. She modelled while in high school, then won a Daytime Emmy playing Jenny Gardner Nelson on All My Children. In 1989 she married Joseph Cortese, and they had a son the following year. Her co-star on NYPD Blue was Dennis Franz.