8 Hot New Kiana Tom Bikini Pics

Kiana Tom Bikini

Kiana Tom is a name that has been on the lips of many in recent months. The TV Show host and fitness guru is not only known for her impressive physique, but also for her daring fashion choices. She recently made headlines with the release of her latest bikini photos, which have gained immense attention from fans around the globe. In this article, we take an up close look at Kiana Tom’s captivating bikini pictures and explore why these images have become so popular.

Kiana Tom Bikini Pics

About Kiana Tom

Kiana Tom is a fitness guru who’s made waves around the world as the host and creator of the highly rated ESPN show Kiana’s Flex Appeal. She’s also had several spinoff shows, like Kiana’s Too Fit 2 Quit Summer Sizzle, Kiana’s Hot Summer Nights and Super Bowl Nightlife on ABC. Before her fame in the fitness industry, she was an Oakland Raiders cheerleader! Not only has she been named Best in Fitness by USA Today, but she even scored an award from Arnold Schwarzenegger himself — the United States Sports Academy Award for Fitness Legend. In 2002, Kiana married Dennis Breshears, with whom she has two daughters: Anelalani and Asialea. She even dabbled in acting when she starred alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1999’s Universal Soldier: The Return.