10 Latest Hot Kerry Washington Bikini Pics

Kerry Washington Bikini

Kerry Washington, the versatile and accomplished movie actress known for her captivating performances, has also amassed a stunning collection of bikini photos that showcase her beauty and confidence. From glamorous beachside shots to playful poolside moments, Kerry Washington’s bikini photos capture her radiant presence and alluring charm. As fans eagerly seek to catch a glimpse of her stylish swimwear choices and radiant beach looks, these captivating images exemplify Kerry Washington’s timeless allure and undeniable star power. Scroll through to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kerry Washington’s bikini photos and experience the enduring appeal of this talented actress.

Kerry Washington Bikini Pics

About Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington, born on January 31, 1977 in New York City, is a prominent movie actress known for her role in the popular ABC show Scandal. She also played Nikki in I Think I Love My Wife with Chris Rock and appeared in films such as Save the Last Dance, Ray and Night Catches Us.

Washington graduated from George Washington University in 1998. Notably, she portrayed The Thing’s wife in the 2005 film Fantastic Four.

In terms of family life, she was engaged to David Moscow until 2007 and later married former NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013. They have welcomed a daughter named Isabelle in April of 2014 followed by a son named Caleb in October of 2016.