7 Hot Keri Russell Bikini Pics

Keri Russell Bikini

Keri Russell, star of the hit television show “The Americans,” has been turning heads on social media lately with her stunning bikini photos. The 41-year-old actress looks absolutely radiant and is an inspiration to women of all ages. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at some of her latest bikini photos that have sent fans into a frenzy! We will also discuss how Keri maintains such an enviable figure while looking so confident and youthful in a two piece swimsuit. So get ready to be inspired by Keri’s amazing beauty and fitness routine!

Keri Russell Bikini Pics

About Keri Russell

Keri Russell became a household name after starring in the hit TV show Felicity, and more recently The Americans. With her dancing skills she nabbed her first role on The Mickey Mouse Club. She’s known for her long, curly hair which she famously cut off at the start of the second season of Felicity. In 2007 Keri married Shane Deary with whom she had two children, a son in 2007 and daughter in 2011 before their divorce in 2013. Since then she has been dating Matthew Rhys who also stars alongside her on The Americans. Together they have a son born in 2016. She also worked with Christina Aguilera on Disney Channel productions.