3 Hot Kenia Ontiveros Bikini Pics

Kenia Ontiveros Bikini

Kenia Ontiveros, a well-known reality star, has been making waves on social media with her stunning bikini photos. With a strong following on Instagram, Kenia’s bikini snapshots have captured the attention of fans and admirers alike. Her confident and chic beach looks have garnered her a loyal fan base and countless likes and comments. Join us as we delve into Kenia Ontiveros’ mesmerizing bikini photos, as we explore her fashion-forward sense of style and effortless beauty in the sun-soaked paradise.

Kenia Ontiveros Bikini Pics

About Kenia Ontiveros

Kenia Ontiveros, born on June 17, 1991 in Mexico, is a Mexican reality star and beauty guru who rose to fame through her appearances on the Mun2 reality series Larrymania. With over 2.8 million followers on Instagram, she has amassed a large following on social media.

Ontiveros was raised in the United States after being born in Mexico. She met her longtime partner, Mexican singer Larry Hernandez, in Sinaloa, Mexico shortly before his career took off. In addition to her reality show stardom and social media presence, she has also launched her own lipstick line called Kenia.

In 2017, Ontiveros married Larry Hernandez with whom she shares three daughters named Daleyza, Dalary and Dalett.