5 Sexy New Kendall Toole Bikini Pics

Kendall Toole Bikini

Fitness Instructor Kendall Toole recently posted a series of stunning bikini photos which showcased her toned figure. In the snaps, she flaunts her sculpted abs and tight curves, proving why she’s one of Instagram’s most successful fitness influencers with over 2 million followers. Keep reading to learn more about Kendall’s journey to becoming a fit and healthy role model for thousands of people around the world.

Kendall Toole Bikini Pics

About Kendall Toole

Kendall Toole is an awesome physical fitness trainer who knows a thing or two about mindfulness. She has become super popular on Instagram, where she goes by the name fitxkendall and has around 650k followers. Her Facebook page (kendalltoolepeloton) also has a huge following of 70k. On her social media accounts, Kendall shares press interviews, gym selfies, and speaks out about mental health issues. She’s worked as a virtual bike instructor at Manhattans Peloton Studios and even appeared on The Today Show to discuss her personal struggles with mental illness. Now more than ever she sees herself as a voice for mental health awareness in addition to being an inspiring trainer. Besides all that, Kendall stays close with her dad – you can often find posts of them visiting some of New York’s famous landmarks together!