10 Hot Kendall Long Bikini Pics

Kendall Long Bikini

Kendall Long, the beloved reality star known for her charm and wit, has set temperatures soaring with her stunning bikini photos. From her days on The Bachelor to her adventures on Bachelor in Paradise, Kendall has captivated audiences with her effortless beauty and enviable beach-ready style. With a knack for capturing the perfect candid moment, Kendall’s bikini photos are a sight to behold, showcasing her natural allure and undeniable allure. Join us as we dive into Kendall Long’s sizzling bikini collection and explore the allure of this reality star’s sun-kissed glamour.

Kendall Long Bikini Pics

About Kendall Long

Kendall Long is a reality television personality best known for her appearance on ABC’s The Bachelor in 2018. Born on August 17, 1991, in California, she has also garnered attention for her humorous and lifestyle-focused content on Instagram, where she boasts over 550,000 followers.

Prior to gaining fame through reality TV, Long worked as a creative director. She has notable interests including attending concerts – being photographed at an Alabama Shakes concert in 2017 – and collecting taxidermy due to her passion for science.

Long hails from California and is currently in a relationship with fellow Bachelor in Paradise star Joe Amabile.