9 Hottest New Kelly Rowland Bikini Pics

Kelly Rowland Bikini

It’s no secret that Kelly Rowland knows how to rock a bikini. The pop singer and former Destiny’s Child member recently shared some stunning photos of her rocking the beach look, and the internet is loving it! From the vibrant colors to her toned physique, these pictures have gotten plenty of attention on social media. Here’s a closer look at what has people talking about Kelly Rowland’s latest bikini pics.

Kelly Rowland Bikini Pics

About Kelly Rowland

Grammy Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland rose to fame as a founding member of the superstar girl group, Destinys Child. After launching her solo career in 2002 with her album Simply Deep – which featured hit songs like Dilemma and Stole – she moved to Houston to escape her alcoholic and abusive father. In 2011, she became a judge on The X Factor, and has since married her manager Tim Weatherspoon with whom she shares two sons: Titan (born 2014) and Noah (2021). Of course, before establishing herself as an individual artist, Kelly was a part of the iconic trio alongside Beyoncé!