10 Sexiest Karen Black Bikini Pics

Karen Black Bikini

Welcome to our image gallery of Karen Black, one of Hollywood’s most iconic actresses and a star in the 1970s. Known for her memorable roles in films such as Five Easy Pieces, Three Days of the Condor, and The Great Gatsby, she is also remembered for her incredible style and beauty. This gallery showcases some of her best looks throughout the years, including some stunning bikini shots from various movies and photo shoots. Take a look at these photos and get inspired by this timeless beauty!

Karen Black Bikini Pics

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About Karen Black

Karen Black was a real Hollywood icon, appearing in iconic films like Easy Rider with Jack Nicholson, Five Easy Pieces and The Great Gatsby. At just 15 years old she started college at Northwestern University and went on to star in the 1975 horror film Trilogy of Terror. She was married four times – Charles Black (1955-62), Robert Burton (1973-74), L.M Kit Carson (1975-83) and Stephen Eckelberry (1987 until her death in 2013). She also had three children – Diane, Celine and Hunter – plus worked with Alfred Hitchcock on his last movie Family Plot.