9 Sexy June Diane Raphael Bikini Pics

June Diane Raphael Bikini

June Diane Raphael is one of the hottest actresses on television today, and she looks amazing in a bikini! From her roles on shows like “Grace and Frankie” to her appearances in movies, June has always had a sultry presence that comes across even more when she wears a swimsuit. In this article and image gallery, we’ll take a look at some of the best photos of June Diane Raphael rocking some bikinis over the years. So get ready to see why it’s easy to fall in love with June!

June Diane Raphael Bikini Pics

About June Diane Raphael

June Diane Raphael is an actress and comedian who’s had some major roles in films like Going the Distance and TV shows such as Party Down. She graduated from New York University, before teaming up with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater to perform improv comedy routines. June also wrote the screenplay for Bride Wars and married fellow actor Paul Scheer in 2009 – they have two sons together. Oh, and she even made a guest appearance on an episode of New Girl alongside Zooey Deschanel!