7 Sexy New Julia Vins Bikini Pics

Julia Vins Bikini

Welcome to our exclusive article and image gallery showcasing the stunning bikini photos of Julia Vins! This Russian powerlifter has become an internet sensation due to her unique combination of muscular physique, feminine beauty, and devotion to her Christian faith. We will explore how Julia Vins became a fitness icon and share some of our favorite images from her Instagram account. So grab your sunnies and get ready for some amazing beach pics – it’s time to take in the sight of this strong-minded woman!

Julia Vins Bikini Pics

About Julia Vins

Julia Vins is a Russian powerlifter who made headlines when she won the World Powerlifting Championships in Moscow back in 2014. Although she had studied music and was an artist, at 15 years old Julia decided to start lifting weights and has since broken world records by lifting 396 pounds in the squat, 230 pounds in the bench press, and 364 pounds in the deadlift. She’s been featured by publications such as The Daily Mail due to her muscular build and doll-like facial features. Her parents are not involved with her weightlifting career, but it looks like there might be love interest as Julia has opened up about dating someone named Sergei. Julia isn’t alone as another well-known female weightlifter is Zoe Smith.