10 Sexy New Julia Haart Bikini Pics

Julia Haart Bikini

The stunningly beautiful Julia Haart is well known for her spectacular swimwear looks. From high-fashion bikinis to traditional two pieces, the model always manages to look amazing. To showcase some of her best bikini moments, we’ve compiled a gallery of images featuring Julia in various stylish and flattering swimsuits from different photoshoots. Dive into this gallery of Julia Haart’s most gorgeous bikini photos!

Julia Haart Bikini Pics

About Julia Haart

Julia Haart is a fashion entrepreneur who skyrocketed to fame after launching her own shoe collection. Her story was documented in Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life, which follows her family living an ultra-orthodox Jewish lifestyle. She also started up e1972, the first size-less luxury brand. Originally from Moscow, she moved to Austin with her family when she was only three years old. Julia has four children – two sons and two daughters – including teenage TikTok star Batsheva Weinstein and daughter Miriam Haart. As CEO of Elite World, she worked with big names like Kendall Jenner and Adriana Lima.