8 Sexy New Josie Davis Bikini Pics

Josie Davis Bikini

Welcome to our exclusive gallery featuring the stunning bikini photos of actress Josie Davis! From her days on the classic 90’s show “Charles in Charge” to appearances on multiple television series and films, Josie Davis has earned a reputation as an award-winning actress. This gallery celebrates some of her most eye-catching looks over the years, from sizzling swimwear styles to memorable red carpet outfits. Whether you are a longtime fan or just discovering Josie Davis now, this collection will leave you wanting more!

Josie Davis Bikini Pics

About Josie Davis

Josie Davis is an actress most famous for playing Sarah Powell on Charles in Charge. She’s been in tons of TV movies for networks like Lifetime and Hallmark, and even had a part in the movie The Perfect Assistant back in 2008. Growing up, Josie was born and raised in L.A., starting her acting career at just three years old with commercial appearances. Later on she became a member of the Actors Studio, eventually making her way to Beverly Hills 90210 to act alongside Luke Perry and Jason Priestley!