10 Sexy Hot Joni Ernst Bikini Pics

Joni Ernst Bikini

Joni Ernst is one of the most successful female politicians in the United States. The Iowa Senator has made a name for herself as a strong conservative proponent and a powerful voice on both domestic and foreign policy issues. But recently, Joni Ernst has been making headlines not just for her political views, but also for her stunning bikini photos. From her beach outings to poolside pictures, Joni Ernst looks amazing in her swimwear. Whether it’s showing off some skin or donning a classic two-piece set, Joni Ernst proves that you can look beautiful while still maintaining an air of authority and sophistication. Check out this collection of awesome Joni Ernst bikini photos to see what we mean!

Joni Ernst Bikini Pics

About Joni Ernst

Joni Ernst is a Republican politician from her home state of Iowa. After serving three years in the Iowa State Senate, she made history as the first female to represent Iowa in either the House or Senate. Joni graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree and Columbus College with a master’s degree, before becoming a lieutenant colonel in the National Guard and spending more than a year on Operation Iraqi Freedom. She’s very socially conservative and fights for gun owners rights; opposing abortion and same-sex marriage, while also proposing to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Education. Born and raised in Red Oak, she married U.S. Army Major Gail Ernst and had Libby their daughter soon after deciding to run for an Iowa seat in the U.S. Senate – earning big endorsements from Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney among others!