7 Sexy Hot Jolene Van Vugt Bikini Pics

Jolene Van Vugt Bikini

Jolene Van Vugt is one of the most recognizable female professional motocross racers in the world. She has an incredible story that she tells, and her fans love it! Her latest project was as part of the cast for Nitro Circus, a show on MTV. In addition to being a great athlete, Jolene also looks stunning! We’ve collected some awesome photos of her taken around the world in various swimsuits and bikinis, and we’d like to share them with you here. From hitting jumps at the X Games to relaxing on beaches in Mexico, Jolene always looks amazing. Check out all these gorgeous pictures – from daring two-piece suits to cute one-pieces – that prove why she’s become such a fashion icon for women athletes everywhere!

Jolene Van Vugt Bikini Pics

About Jolene Van Vugt

Jolene Van Vugt is an awesome motocross rider! She made history as the first female to do a back flip on a dirt bike, plus she was the first ever Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion. She got her first dirt bike when she was 11 and three years later decided to race competitively. Not only that, but Jolene was also the stunt woman who took care of Catwoman’s driving stunts in 2012 for The Dark Knight Rises. Born in Canada to Dutch parents, she has two older siblings; together with Travis Pastrana, she appeared on the extreme sports TV show Nitro Circus.