9 Hot Sexy Johanna Leia Bikini Pics

Johanna Leia Bikini

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Johanna Leia Bikini Pics

About Johanna Leia

Johanna Leia is an American television personality and former model, known for her role in the Lifetime reality series Bringing Up Ballers. She was born on February 19, 1981 in the United States. Prior to her reality TV career, she worked as a model for Ford and Wilhelmina Models.

Leia is also recognized for opening a youth basketball camp called Superstar. Her son Amari Bailey is also a part of the cast of Bringing Up Ballers, while she has a daughter named Savvy.

In 2021, Johanna Leia began dating NBA superstar Ja Morant but they parted ways later that year. Additionally, there were reports about her involvement with rapper Drake in 2021.