10 Sexy Joanna Shimkus Bikini Pics

Joanna Shimkus Bikini

Joanna Shimkus is an iconic actress and model who has continued to captivate audiences with her stunning beauty over the course of a decades-long career. Recently, she has been in the spotlight once again after some stunning photos surfaced of her wearing a bikini while on vacation. The pictures have gone viral and have garnered admiration from fans around the world due to their timeless beauty and undeniable sex appeal. Joanna Shimkus’ bikini photos are sure to be remembered for years to come as an example of timeless beauty and style that never goes out of fashion. With such gorgeous images available, it seems like a great opportunity for us to take a closer look at Joanna’s ongoing influence in the world of entertainment through these amazing shots!

Joanna Shimkus Bikini Pics

About Joanna Shimkus

Joanna Shimkus is best known as the wife of acclaimed American actor Sidney Poitier, but she’s also had a successful career in her own right. A former Paris-based fashion model, she starred in French-language films like Les Aventuriers (1967) and De l’Amour (1964), as well as Robert Enrico’s 1968 British movie Boom!. Born to an Irish-Canadian mother and Jewish-Lithuanian father, Shimkus grew up in Quebec before marrying Poitier in the mid-1970s. Together they appeared in The Lost Man with Al Freeman Jr. – plus they have two daughters: Sydney Tamiia and Anika.