9 Hot Sexy New Joan Severance Bikini Pics

Joan Severance Bikini

Joan Severance is an iconic American actress and model who has been gracing the silver screen since the late 80s. Everyone knows her as the sultry, seductive heroine in films like “Lethal Weapon 3” and “Payback”. But did you know that she was also a successful swimsuit model? Joan Severance has graced many magazine covers over the years, wearing some of the most memorable bikinis ever seen. In this blog post, we take a look back at some of her most iconic bikini photos through history. From glamorous beach shots to seductive poolside poses, these pictures truly showcase Joan Severance’s timeless beauty and effortless style. Let’s explore some of Joan Severance’s best bikini moments!

Joan Severance Bikini Pics

About Joan Severance

Joan Severance was a familiar face to many; she had a recurring role on Love Boat: The Next Wave, and guest starred on American Horror Story with Evan Peters. She also played Anna Whitman in the TV series Wicked Wicked Games alongside Tatum O’Neal. Growing up in Westbury, Texas, Joan was scouted to become a model while at high school there. She’s been married twice – firstly to Eric Milan and then later Rom Gemar.