10 Hot Sexy New Joan Chen Bikini Pics

Joan Chen Bikini

Joan Chen is a Chinese American actress, director, and screenwriter best known for her roles in films like The Last Emperor and Twin Peaks. Recently, stunning photos of the versatile actress sporting an itsy-bitsy bikini while lounging on a beach have been making headlines across the internet. As an ambassador of beauty and grace in Hollywood, Joan Chen has captivated fans with her age-defying looks even at the age of 57. Her stunning figure is proof that she works hard to maintain it and many netizens can’t help but marvel at her toned physique. From high waisted bikinis to one-piece swimsuits, Joan Chen never fails to look fabulous no matter what she wears. Moreover, her secret seems to be working out regularly as well as living a healthy lifestyle full of nutritious meals and plenty of physical activity. Whether spending time in nature or simply reading a book on the weekend, Joan Chen takes delight in simple pleasures throughout life which may explain why she looks so young despite being almost 60 years old!

Joan Chen Bikini Pics

About Joan Chen

Joan Chen is a Chinese-American actress who’s known for her roles in The Last Emperor, Twin Peaks Red Rose, and Saving Face. She got selected for the Actors Training Program due to her excellent marksmanship. Born and raised in China, she eventually gained international fame. She married Peter Hui in ’92 and they had two daughters together. She’s now one of the most well-known Chinese actresses out there, alongside Michelle Yeoh.