10 Hot Sexy Jilly Anais Bikini Pics

Jilly Anais Bikini

Jilly Anais is one of the hottest new models on the scene, and she’s turning heads with her stunning bikini photos. Her Instagram account has been blowing up recently, as fans have been eagerly waiting for the next photo featuring her sizzling swimwear looks. She’s become a fashion icon to many around the world, inspiring countless women to feel confident in their own skin and to embrace their curves. Whether posing in plunging one-pieces or skimpy two-pieces, Jilly Anais always manages to look effortlessly beautiful while radiating body positivity. From tropical beaches to dazzling poolside backdrops, she looks flawless against any backdrop. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of Jilly Anais’ most exquisite bikini photos – from sporty styles to bold prints and colors that will make you want to hit the beach!

Jilly Anais Bikini Pics

About Jilly Anais

Jilly Anais is an up-and-coming pop artist who made her debut with the single “The Juice” and its accompanying EP of the same name. Her EP was co-written and produced by LA production duo The Invaders. She then released another EP, COPY & Paste, featuring production from Lil Rich and Lab Ox. Before she started her music career, Jilly was Miss Teen Houston in 2011 and competed in cheerleading for five years before becoming a high school varsity cheerleader for four years. She’s also done modeling, acting, commercials, print ads and competitive dance throughout her career. Originally from Houston, Texas, Jilly moved to Los Angeles in 2014 where she dated NBA guard Dejounte Murray until late 2018 before beginning a relationship with NFL quarterback Deshaun Watson in 2019. In 2021 she dropped two singles produced by Lil Rich: “NEW SAFE” and “Different Rules”. He’s previously worked with artists like Bia Machine Gun Kelly DaBaby Jazz Cartier and YG.