9 Hot Jill Hennessy Bikini Pics

Jill Hennessy Bikini

Jill Hennessy is an international sensation, known for her acting roles in hit movies and television shows like Law & Order and Crossing Jordan. Her beauty, talent, and incredible body have earned her a sizeable fan base around the world. Recently, some incredibly stunning bikini photos of Jill Hennessy were released online that immediately went viral! Fans from all over the world rushed to share these beautiful images of this gorgeous star. Here at Style Highlights we want to take an in-depth look into these amazing pictures of Jill Hennessy in her bikini! From her toned figure to her eye-catching poses, these photos will dazzle you in ways you would never imagine. We’ll review each photo in detail as well as discuss why they have been so successful on social media outlets. Discussing how she has become such a popular icon around the globe and which outfit best suits her unique style are just a few topics we’ll cover here today! Scroll down now to explore amazing new Jill Hennessy bikini photos right here at Style Highlights!

Jill Hennessy Bikini Pics

About Jill Hennessy

Jill Hennessy is a television actress who achieved fame for her role as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh in Crossing Jordan. She also featured in films such as Most Wanted and Robocop 3, while younger she would often perform on the streets of Toronto’s subway system. On Law & Order, she played A.D.A Claire Kincaid alongside Chris Noth, and eventually married Paolo Mastropietro in 2000 with whom she has two sons.