10 Sexy New Jewel Bikini Pics

Jewel Bikini

Pop Singer Jewel is known for her incredible talent and stunning beauty, and her bikini photos are a true testament to her captivating presence. With her effortless style and radiant confidence, Jewel’s bikini photos capture the essence of her appeal, showcasing her striking physique and undeniable allure. From glamorous poolside shots to breathtaking beachside moments, these bikini photos of Pop Singer Jewel exude timeless elegance and undeniable allure, captivating fans and igniting the imagination of admirers around the world.

Jewel Bikini Pics

About Jewel

Jewel, born on October 25, 1995 in the United States, is a popular YouTube star and gamer. She is known for streaming on Twitch and creating gameplay videos on YouTube. Previously, she worked as an entertainer and director for OpTic Gaming.

Before gaining fame, Jewel started making gameplay videos of Call of Duty and became a member of the Major League Gaming community in 2010. Her self-titled YouTube channel has amassed over 24 million views.

Her real name is Megan but she goes by the name Jewel online. Growing up, she shared her passion for gaming with her brother.