8 Sexy Jessie Graff Bikini Pics

Jessie Graff Bikini

Explore the gravity-defying world of Stunt Double Jessie Graff through stunning bikini photos that showcase her athleticism and strength. As an accomplished professional in the world of stunts and American Ninja Warrior, Jessie Graff’s photos capture her fearless and empowering spirit. Get ready to be inspired by her incredible physique and adventurous lifestyle as we take a closer look at her captivating bikini shots.

Jessie Graff Bikini Pics

About Jessie Graff

Jessie Graff is a stunt performer known for her work in big budget films like Live Free or Die Hard, X-Men: First Class, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. She has also made acting appearances on shows like Castle, NCIS, and Hawaii Five-0.

Prior to her fame in the entertainment industry, Graff underwent extensive physical training which included achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a black sash in Kung Fu, experience as a competitive gymnast, and recognition as a championship pole vaulter during her time in high school.

Graff has appeared on the hit reality series American Ninja Warrior throughout 2013–2015. Originally born in New York City, she later lived in Maryland , Georgia and California.