10 Sexy Jessie Buckley Bikini Pics

Jessie Buckley Bikini

If you love celebrity gossip, then you’re sure to be interested in the latest Jessie Buckley bikini photos. The Irish actress has been stealing hearts everywhere with her stunning beauty and captivating performances on shows like Fargo and Taboo. Recently, she was seen flaunting her enviable figure while relaxing on a beach during a vacation. Her toned physique and sun-kissed complexion have everyone talking about how amazing she looks in a bikini! With so many pictures popping up all over social media, it’s no surprise that everyone is obsessed with Jessie Buckley in a swimsuit. From sultry snaps of her lounging poolside to sexy shots of her taking a dip in the ocean, there are plenty of head-turning photos for fans to enjoy. So if you want to take a peek at what this gorgeous star looks like when she’s soaking up some rays, simply keep reading for an exclusive look at Jessie Buckley’s hottest bikini moments!

Jessie Buckley Bikini Pics

About Jessie Buckley

Jessie Buckley rose to fame after coming in second on the BBC TV talent show Id Do Anything. She then went on to star in four BBC series – War and Peace, Taboo, The Last Post and The Woman in White. In 2019, she picked up the lead role in HBO’s mini-series Chernobyl and has since been seen in films Beast (2017), Wild Rose (2018) and Judy (2019). Prior to her acting career, Jessie had achieved Grade eight with the Royal Irish Academy of Music for piano, clarinet and harp and was part of the Tipperary Millennium Orchestra. Her performance as Julie Jordan in Carousel won her an AIMS Best Actress award. Afterwards she attended Royal Academy of Dramatic Art where she graduated 2013 before taking on a starring role for director Charlie Kaufman’s Im Thinking of Ending Things. Jessie is from a big family – the oldest child with one brother and three sisters – born to mother Marina Cassidy.