7 Hot Sexy Jessica Simpson Bikini Pics

Jessica Simpson Bikini

Jessica Simpson is one of the most beautiful and talented celebrities in Hollywood. From her days as a singer, to her roles in movies and TV shows, Jessica has always been admired for her good looks and sultry style. Recently, Jessica made headlines when she posted several stunning bikini photos that showcased her gorgeous curves and toned physique. Fans around the world couldn’t help but talk about how amazing Jessica looked in her swimwear! For those looking to get inspired by this celebrity’s beauty and body confidence, we’ve put together some of Jessica Simpson’s best bikini photos that will make you want to hit the beach this summer!

Jessica Simpson Bikini Pics

About Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a pop icon who rose to fame with her Billboard Hot 100 hit I Wanna Love You Forever and its two-times Platinum album Sweet Kisses. At twelve, she tried out for The Mickey Mouse Club and was funded by her grandma for a demo tape; she signed with Columbia Records at sixteen. In 2001, her single ‘Irresistible’ was a top twenty hit. Her younger sister Ashlee also made it in the music business! Jessica married Nick Lachey on October 26 2002 and they divorced in 2006. She then began dating former NFL tight end Eric Johnson in 2010 – they tied the knot four years later and now have three kids: Maxwell Ace & Birdie! As well as singing, Jessica has acted (she was Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard movie!) and designs clothes with The Jessica Simpson Collection. VH1 even rated her as one of the Sexiest Artists of All Time…go girl!