8 Sexy Jessica Rothe Bikini Pics

Jessica Rothe Bikini

Get ready to be captivated by stunning bikini photos of Hollywood starlet Jessica Rothe. Known for her roles in popular films like ‘Happy Death Day’ and ‘Valley Girl’, Jessica’s effortless beauty and radiant charm shine through in these mesmerizing images. Whether chilling on the beach or striking a pose by the pool, Jessica Rothe exudes elegance and grace, making her bikini photos a must-see for fans and enthusiasts alike. Discover the allure of this talented actress as she showcases her fashionable swimwear style in a collection of captivating snapshots sure to leave you spellbound.

Jessica Rothe Bikini Pics

About Jessica Rothe

Jessica Rothe, born on May 28, 1987 in Denver, Colorado, is a movie actress known for her role as Tree Gelbman in the 2017 slasher film Happy Death Day. She also appeared in the Academy Award-winning musical La La Land and was a series regular in the MTV show Mary + Jane.

Rothe’s other notable roles include Julie Richman in the 2018 remake of Valley Girl and reprising her role as Tree in Happy Death Day 2U.

Before launching her acting career, she graduated from Cheery Creek High School. In 2010, Rothe made an appearance on America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back and followed it up with guest-starring roles on The Onion News Network and ABC’s Happy Endings.

Born Jessica Rothenberg to parents Susan and Steve Rothenberg, she has established herself as a prominent figure in Hollywood.