10 Steamy Jean Simmons Bikini Pics

Jean Simmons Bikini

The world is full of beautiful sights, and one of them is Jean Simmons in a bikini! The iconic actress and singer was known for her style, grace, and allure. Iconic photographs of her wearing a two-piece swimsuit remain popular to this day. For those who are curious to see more photos of the late star looking resplendent in a bikini, this blog post has you covered! We’ll go through some key moments from Jean Simmons’ life where she rocked a swimsuit with confidence as well as provide links to sites that showcase her best bikini looks. Whether you’re an admirer of Jean Simmons or just appreciate beautiful women in bikinis, there will be something here for everyone to enjoy! So read on for the best Jean Simmons bikini photos out there!

Jean Simmons Bikini Pics

About Jean Simmons

Actress Jean Simmons gained fame for her role as Ophelia in the 1948 film Hamlet, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. She also starred in titles like Spartacus, Howl’s Moving Castle, Guys & Dolls and The Big Country. At an early age she was discovered by director Val Guest and even won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for The Thorn Birds. During her life Jean was married to Richard Brooks from 1960-1977 and Stewart Granger from 1950-1960 – with whom she had two children: Tracy and Kate. Her career actually began with playing young Estella in Great Expectations (1946) directed by David Lean.