9 Hot New Inanna Sarkis Bikini Pics

Inanna Sarkis Bikini

Inanna Sarkis is a stunning Canadian model, actress, and social media star who has taken the world by storm! She’s best known for her stunning bikini photos that she posts on Instagram and other platforms. Her vibrant personality, fabulous fashion sense, and flawless physique have made her an international sensation! From sizzling beach shots to bold red carpet moments, Inanna’s unique style is sure to captivate any audience. Whether it’s in a photoshoot or just having fun in the sun with friends, Inanna makes every moment count. We’re here to show you some of our favorite Inanna Sarkis bikini photos so you can get a glimpse into the star’s glamorous lifestyle. Each one of these pictures will take your breath away – from sparkling swimsuits at the beach to playful poses poolside. Get ready for summer fun as we dive deep into Inanna’s hottest looks yet!

Inanna Sarkis Bikini Pics

About Inanna Sarkis

Inanna Sarkis is a social media personality, actress, YouTuber and model. She directs, writes and acts – her short film Aura is one of her most notable works. In 2019 she played Molly in After. She has a whopping 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube! Not to mention she graduated from Ryerson University with a bachelor’s degree and was planning on studying law at first. As an early learner, Inanna started playing piano when she was just six years old – becoming quite the pro pianist by now! Her mother tongue is Bulgarian but she also speaks Assyrian fluently as well as English. Born in Hamilton Ontario Canada, her mom worked as surgeon while her dad was a dentist; she does have an elder brother too. On the love front, Inanna has been dating model Matthew Noszka for some time now – they even welcomed their daughter Nova back in September 2020! Fun fact: Inanna has collaborated with Anwar Jibawi and JoJoe on Vine under the title When you thought you had something special.