18 Sexy Hannah Ferrier Bikini Pics

Hannah Ferrier Bikini

Hannah Ferrier is an Australian reality television personality. She is best known for her role as chief stewardess on the Bravo TV series Below Deck Mediterranean.

Ferrier began her yachting career in her early 20s. She has worked on various charter boats and superyachts in Europe, the Caribbean, and the United States.

In 2016, Ferrier joined the cast of Below Deck Mediterranean. The show chronicles the lives of crew members who work and live aboard a mega-yacht during charter season.

Ferrier’s time on Below Deck Mediterranean has been eventful. She has had several conflicts with fellow crew members and has even been arrested for possession of drugs while the boat was docked in Italy.

Despite her troubles, Ferrier remains a popular member of the cast. She is known for her quick wit and sharp tongue. And, of course, she always looks fabulous in a bikini.

Here are some of our favorite Hannah Ferrier bikini photos:

Hannah Ferrier Bikini Pics

About Hannah Ferrier

Hannah Ferrier is the chief stewardess on the 150-foot yacht on Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean. And she’s no stranger to luxury! Hannah comes from Sydney, Australia and first began traveling internationally when she started working on yachts. She’s also super close with her dad – who she’s featured on her Instagram before. On the show, Hannah stars alongside chef Ben Robinson.