19 Sexy Gina Stewart Bikini Pics

Gina Stewart Bikini

Gina Stewart, who is 48 years old, recently made headlines after she posted a series of bikini photos on Instagram. Stewart, who is from Australia, is a model and mother of four. In the photos, which have since gone viral, Stewart can be seen posing in a number of different bikinis and swimsuits.

While some people have praised Stewart for her confidence and body-positive attitude, others have criticized her for setting a bad example for her children and for being “too old” to be wearing a bikini.

Whether you love or hate her pictures, there’s no denying that Gina Stewart is making waves with her gorgeous bikini photos. Check out our gallery of her best (and most controversial) looks below.

Gina Stewart Bikini Pics

About Gina Stewart

Gina Stewart, the world’s hottest grandma, rose to fame after winning the Maxim’s Finest Australia competition. The sexy mother of four has been turning heads ever since her photos went viral. Appearing on Channel 7’s Sunday Night and Daily Mail TV, Stewart is quickly becoming a household name. With her smokin’ hot bod and amazing attitude, it’s no wonder this Aussie babe is taking the world by storm!