20 Hot Georgina Burke Bikini Pics

Georgina Burke Bikini

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Georgina Burke Bikini Pics

About Georgina Burke

Georgina Burke (born May 21, 1991) is an Australian model and body positivity activist. She has collaborated with prominent brands such as Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, J Crew, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus. Her Sports Illustrated debut was in the 2022 Swimsuit edition where she was photographed in Barbados by Ben Watts.

Prior to her successful modeling career, at the age of 17 she moved to London to pursue modeling full-time and was signed on the spot at her first meeting with an agency.

In addition to her modeling work, in 2019 Georgina created a size-friendly, fully adjustable swimwear range called Burke NYC. Notably during her Sports Illustrated photo shoot, she wore one of her own suits from this line. She has also worked alongside esteemed photographers including Zoey Grossman, Yu Tsai and David Roemer while walking the runway for Christian Siriano.

Throughout her early life Georgina faced bullying which led to being pulled out of public school by her parents in order to attend a private girls’ high school.