4 Top New Emma Ellingsen Bikini Pics

Emma Ellingsen Bikini

The internet is buzzing with the latest bikini shots of YouTube Star Emma Ellingsen. The 22-year-old Norwegian influencer, best known for her lifestyle videos, recently posted a series of sizzling photos from her recent trip to a tropical beach. Ellingsen’s chic one-piece swimsuit and classic poses have already gained thousands of likes on social media. Fans around the world are in awe of Ellingsen’s stunning beauty, proving that she is not just an entrepreneur but also a fashion icon. In this article, we will take a closer look at Emma Ellingsen’s most recent beach photoshoot and why it has captured so much attention.

Emma Ellingsen Bikini Pics

About Emma Ellingsen

Emma Ellingsen is a Norwegian beauty guru and YouTube star who has earned over 430K subscribers through tutorials, vlogs and personal stories. She started vlogging in 2014 but didn’t pick up her channel again until 2016. On Instagram she’s gained 650K followers thanks to her style and travel posts – plus she even posted an ad for Fanta in 2021. Emma also runs her own beauty company, Emma Ellingsen Beauty. Although born a boy in Norway, she identified as transgender from the age of 8 and came out officially on YouTube in 2017. She’s also been seen repping Dallas Cowboys apparel on her Insta!