6 Hot Emily Rudd Bikini Pics

Emily Rudd Bikini

Emily Rudd, the popular star of the hit TV series “Gotham” has been turning heads with her latest round of bikini photos. The 25-year-old actress continues to stun fans with her fit physique and beachy fashion sense. From stunning black one-pieces to colorful two pieces, Emily looks amazing in all of her swimsuits! This article will take a closer look at Emily’s beach style and all of the fabulous bikini selfies she’s posted over the past few months. So sit back, grab a drink and let’s dive into this sizzling hot topic!

Emily Rudd Bikini Pics

About Emily Rudd

Emily Rudd is an actress and model who goes by the handle ’emilysteaparty’ on Twitter and Tumblr. After graduating from college with a degree in theatre performance, Emily worked on a short film for Best Buy as Geek Squad agent. She has since collaborated with great photographers like Jared Kocka, Sara Kiesling and Peter Jamus. Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota but having spent time living in Wisconsin too, Emily has an older brother called Dan and is good friends with DJ 3LAU.