8 Steamy New Elysia Rotaru Bikini Pics

Elysia Rotaru Bikini

The beautiful and talented Canadian actress Elysia Rotaru is making waves in the entertainment industry after she recently posted some stunning bikini photos on her Instagram account. The pictures have gone viral, with fans gushing over Elysia’s natural beauty and flawless physique. In this article, we will take a closer look at these recent images and discuss how they are shaking up the world of media. From her amazing wardrobe to her enviable beach body, there is no doubt that Elysia Rotaru has become a style icon whose latest photoshoot will surely be remembered for years to come.

Elysia Rotaru Bikini Pics

About Elysia Rotaru

Elysia Rotaru is an actress best known for playing Taiana Venediktov on the hit CW show Arrow, as well as Harper Hill in the miniseries Choose Your Victim. Her acting career began in 2008 with small guest roles on shows like Psych, Eureka and Smallville. She’s also done some producing work, creating short films such as The Wall, Run, and Fwd. Elysia’s sister Elyda is a designer. On Arrow she starred alongside Stephen Amell who played the lead role.