7 Latest Hot Ellen DeGeneres Bikini Pics

Ellen DeGeneres Bikini

Ellen DeGeneres, the beloved TV show host, is not just known for her wit and humor, but also for her timeless sense of style. Whether she’s lounging on a tropical beach or hosting her show, Ellen’s bikini photos never fail to grab people’s attention. From sleek one-pieces to vibrant two-pieces, her swimwear choices always make a statement. In this article, we’ll explore the captivating world of Ellen DeGeneres’ bikini photos, showcasing her beach-side elegance and confident charisma. So, get ready to be inspired by the stunning bikini looks of this iconic TV personality.

Ellen DeGeneres Bikini Pics

About Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres, born on January 26, 1958 in Metairie, Louisiana, is a TV show host and comedian. She gained fame for her role in the ’90s sitcom Ellen and later went on to host The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In addition to her TV work, she has appeared in films such as Mr. Wrong, EDtv and The Love Letter. DeGeneres is also known for voicing the character Dory in Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory.

Prior to her entertainment career, she worked various jobs including bartending, house painting, and waitressing at TGI Friday’s. In 1996, she released a live comedy album titled Ellen DeGeneres: Taste This.

In terms of personal life, she dated Anne Heche from 1997 to 2000 before being involved with Alexandra Hedison from 2001 to 2004. She married Portia de Rossi on August 16th, 2008.