4 Stunning New Elle Leonard Bikini Pics

Elle Leonard Bikini

It is no secret that TikTok Star Elle Leonard has been taking the social media world by storm. From her hilarious pranks to her highly-anticipated dance videos, fans have been clamoring for more content from this up and coming internet sensation. But what really has people talking is the latest series of bikini photos that Elle Leonard posted on her Instagram account! These stunning shots show off Leonard’s incredible figure from all angles, and have instantly become a viral hit with millions of likes and comments. In this article, we will explore this captivating photo shoot through Elle Leonard’s eyes as she reveals why it was so important to share these empowering images with the world.

Elle Leonard Bikini Pics

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About Elle Leonard

Social media star Elle Leonard has gained a huge amount of popularity on her TikTok account, elleleonardofficial. She posts fitness and vlog content, often about being an NBA player’s wife. Her day-in-the-life vlog series has earned her more than 1.2 million followers! Elle played basketball for college, before she got into posting TikToks in August 2019. One of the most popular videos she did was traveling with her injured husband – it racked up over 11 million views! Her husband is Meyers Leonard from the NBA and her younger sister even made an appearance on one of her TikTok videos too. As well as this, Elle and Meyers recreated Matt & Abby’s famous Christmas TikTok too!