8 Sexy Ellana Bryan Bikini Pics

Ellana Bryan Bikini

Model Ellana Bryan has been turning heads with her latest string of bikini photos! From the beaches of Bali to the shores of Santorini, she’s taken Instagram by storm with her stunning beach-side poses and effortless vacation style. Her posts have hundreds of thousands of likes from her loyal followers, who can’t get enough of her free-spirited attitude and positive outlook on life. In this article, we take a look at Ellana’s journey as a model and explore how she has used social media to grow her career.

Ellana Bryan Bikini Pics

About Ellana Bryan

Ellana Bryan is a plus-size model who uses her work to inspire others to be body positive. She does hair shows, fashion and commercial shoots, as well as appearing in music videos. Before getting into the modeling world, Ellana worked in retail for corporate industries and even ran her own online store called ROYALTIESArt! Her Instagram account has attracted over 1.2 million followers already! Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career. Recently she teamed up with Ayesha Perry-Iqbal for a Swimsuits For All haul video on the YouTube channel AllGoodThingsNetwork.