9 Steamy Elizabeth Turner Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Turner Bikini

Model Elizabeth Turner is quickly becoming a household name among fashion fans, thanks to her stunning good looks and enviable figure. Recently, the model made waves on social media after sharing sizzling photos of herself wearing nothing but a bikini while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The pictures have gone viral, with many praising Turner for her confidence and beauty. In this article, we’ll explore Elizabeth Turner’s latest bikini photos and what they mean for the modeling industry.

Elizabeth Turner Bikini Pics

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About Elizabeth Turner

Professional model Elizabeth Turner has had a successful career working with big brands like GUESS and appearing in magazines such as Maxim. She’s been repped by 360 Management and LA Models, and graduated from Duke University in 2014. To stay in shape, she loves to box – but that’s not all! She also collaborated on a swimwear line with B Swim, then recently teamed up with PETA to advocate against wearing wool. On top of this, she’s got an amazing sister – Sarah – and is also signed by LA Models like fellow model Anderson Brooks.