2 Sexy New Elizabeth Stanton Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Stanton Bikini

Elizabeth Stanton, the star of the hit TV show “The Elizabeth Stanton Show”, has recently been in the spotlight for her stunning bikini photos. After posting a series of pictures on her Instagram account, fans were quick to comment on how amazing she looked in her two-piece swimsuit. From her toned figure to her sun-kissed complexion, Elizabeth is certainly making waves with this photoshoot! In this article, we will take a closer look at these photos and explore why they have caught so much attention from fans around the world.

Elizabeth Stanton Bikini Pics

About Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Stanton is best known as the host of Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World and The World’s Funniest Moments. She started out her TV career at the 2009 World Magic Awards before going on to present at multiple Daytime Emmy Awards and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Elizabeth has three sisters – Harriot, Eleazar and Margaret – and is currently dating Jacob Mayberry, who often features on her Instagram. In 2010, she hosted The World’s Funniest Moments with Erik Estrada.