9 Sexy Elizabeth Ruiz Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Ruiz Bikini

A sizzling Instagram sensation, Elizabeth Ruiz is making waves among her millions of fans with her latest bikini photos. The model and social media influencer has been delighting fans with swimsuit-clad snaps that are quickly going viral across the platform. From exotic beaches to poolside lounging, Elizabeth is giving her loyal followers plenty to admire as she showcases the gorgeous figure that’s earning her a growing following on Instagram. Read on for more about this glamorous gal and why everyone can’t seem to get enough of her eye-catching pictures!

Elizabeth Ruiz Bikini Pics

About Elizabeth Ruiz

Elizabeth Ruiz is an Instagram star and model with more than 500k followers. She’s known for her funny videos like “How Girls Jump to Conclusions” and “Dreams vs Reality”. Elizabeth started posting on Instagram while working at Hooters back in 2012, and has since then been featured in music videos alongside Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj. Originally from Sagua la Grande, Cuba, Elizabeth was romantically linked to football player Von Miller in 2016. Previously a Vine star, she was also featured in DeStorm Power’s Vine “How To Hate On Vine”, alongside Klarity, Alx James, Melvin Gregg, Official JaNINA and Hannah Stocking.