9 Top Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Bikini

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas, the star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” and celebrity influencer, is making waves on social media with her latest bikini photos. The gorgeous brunette was spotted in a stunning two-piece during a beach vacation in Mexico, and she looks absolutely amazing! From her toned abs to her flawless bronze skin, Elizabeth’s photos are sending fans into a frenzy and inspiring millions around the world. In this article, we’ll take an inside look at the stunning photoshoot and discuss how it’s impacting fashion trends across the globe. So keep reading to find out more about Elizabeth’s latest look!

Elizabeth Lyn Vargas Bikini Pics

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About Elizabeth Lyn Vargas

Reality star Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is well known for being on season 15 of Real Housewives Orange County. She’s super popular on Instagram, with over 80K followers and her own music company, Edge Music Network. Not only that, but she also owns her very own vodka brand – Vargas Vodka! To top it off, she hosts the gossip podcast The Spicy T. Originally from Missouri, Elizabeth was married to Bernt Bodal before they split in July 2020 after 20 years together. Nowadays she’s dating Jimmy and has been seen hanging out with big names like Steven Tyler and Slash on Insta too!