8 Sexy New Elizabeth Holmes Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Holmes Bikini

Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of the now-defunct Theranos, is once again making headlines – but this time it’s for her beach-ready physique. Photos of the young entrepreneur in a bright yellow bikini have recently surfaced on social media, and many are surprised by her fit figure. In this article we’ll explore just how Elizabeth managed to achieve such drastic physical transformation. We’ll also take a closer look at the public reaction to her newfound fame as an Instagram influencer. So buckle up and prepare to be inspired!

Elizabeth Holmes Bikini Pics

About Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is an entrepreneur and CEO best known for founding the blood-testing company Theranos. The validity of their tests came under scrutiny in 2015, leading to her being banned from the industry for two years by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She started out at Stanford University studying chemical engineering but didn’t graduate. Her fear of needles inspired her to start Theranos with a goal of providing minimally-invasive blood-tests; she now has over 80 patents to her name and her company was previously valued at nearly $10 billion. Elizabeth is related to one of the founders of Fleischmann’s Yeast, born as Christian Holmes IV’s daughter alongside brother Christian Holmes V to parents Noel Daoust and Christian Holmes IV. In 2015, Forbes named Elizabeth America’s top Self-Made Woman—beating Oprah Winfrey!