9 Sexy Elizabeth Berkley Bikini Pics

Elizabeth Berkley Bikini

Elizabeth Berkley has been wowing audiences for decades with her role in the iconic ’90s film “Showgirls” and her time on the hit TV show “Saved by the Bell,” but now she is making headlines for a different reason. The actress recently shared some stunning bikini photos taken during a recent beach vacation, showing off her toned body and ageless beauty. Here’s an inside look at Elizabeth Berkley’s latest bikini pics and how she achieved this impressive physique.

Elizabeth Berkley Bikini Pics

About Elizabeth Berkley

Actress Elizabeth Berkley rose to fame in the ’90s playing Jesse Spano on Saved by the Bell. She then starred in Showgirls, showing off her impressive dancing skills. As a dedicated vegetarian, she even did a PETA campaign wearing a dress made of collard greens! In 2003, she married Greg Lauren and they had a son named Sky Cole in 2012. Elizabeth has maintained her famous friendships too – like fashion designer Lauren Bush (granddaughter of George H.W. Bush).